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Bag Full o' Spoons


3 June
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(If you can't get me up here, I'm on FF.net and Tumblr. I'll see your message, so send me one if you're curious.)

Heh heh... Well, to tell the truth, I signed up for LiveJournal because of the hilarious antics of a group called The Fanfiction ANBU. Each member will examine certain Naruto fanfictions for extremely bad spelling, grammar, out-of-characterness, shameless self-insertion, or some combo of the above; then s/he proceed to share these wonderful reviews with the rest of us. I find this group and its members both intelligent and amusing, and at the time I first write this entry I hope to be able to join, because I already have some ideas for reviews. It's true I'm not an expert on the series, but I'm very interested and willing to learn more...

I like other manga/anime too... Not even I know what fandom I'll be part of next. It's like reaching into a box blindfolded. My planned cosplay list is so long I'm too lazy to calculate any percentages. No matter the figures, come hang with me at AWA! :D Please?

I'm a major sucker for music. I like classical, I like old-school/anything from 40s to 80s, sometimes J-rock, K-pop or video game soundtracks... just say I like music. A WHOLE LOT. I've got a violin (two as of Christmas '05, w00t) and can also play the piano. (And now I'm trying to compose? Watch out!) Sometimes I practice doing karaoke (in Japanese, my voice drives me nuts when I sing in English). And I like to dance, both the goofy sugar-high type ya do when you think nobody's watching, and the DDR type. The highest number of feet I can do is eight, although some six-footers still get me. Gotta work on that...

I like science too. I actually did very well in all subjects all the way through grade school, but math has started to piss me off and literature began to be too much unclear interpretation/symbolism and not enough just enjoying the story. So I just went back to the lab to blow more stuff up. There's a lot of work involved, but there's nothing like being able to read the back of a lotion bottle and say "Hey, I know what that thing is!" I used to want to be a researcher... and then I wanted to be a pharmacist... and then I realized I kind of didn't care any more, I just wanted somebody to say "here's the key to the lab" and be done with it.

To tell the truth, I wanna be somebody rich and famous too. I used to plan on being a songwriter or an animator, but then my parents and teachers started yelling at me about talent and wasting it and how I was GOING STRAIGHT TO HELL if I didn't change my attitude. I love my parents and I could never draw that well anyway, so I figured "hey, at least scientists get paid lots of money and they don't have to put up with as many people as others do." (I mostly keep to myself IRL, y'see.) Right? Right? Ah screw it, I'll just have to write a book or something, then see about movie rights, and then get that turned into a video game. Or something like that. I'll never stop creating stuff. There's no law.

The books that I read are either classics, sci-fi, fantasy, humor, graphic novels, or have something to do with history. I guess I'm just a nerd that way. Redwall for the win! (My other favorites are Edgar Allan Poe and Michael Crichton.) Oyeah, and Sonic comics. Got any old X-Men issues you're tired of? Send 'em my way!

I usually cheer myself up with humor. I will admit I like a handful of romantic humor, but most of that I simply don't get. I like what you might call "stupid humor" -stuff like South Park and Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and plenty of stuff in the "humor" section of the bookstore. I also like what you might call "educated" or "higher-level" humor. Some of the old British comedies are great, I recommend 'em to anyone. Basically, anything that isn't romantic... and sometimes that too, as long as there's a crapload of action, wit and/or goofiness. PARODIES! They're the greatest. And action, lots of action and violence and property damage. Sometimes I crack jokes about the violence. I'm kinda morbid. :P (Westerns rock particularly hard -with very few exceptions, the bad guys ALWAYS get theirs. None of that crap about "OMG we're just as bad as he is if we shoot him even though he's been stealing our cattle, raping our women and burning our homes for twenty friggin' years.") Oh yes, and some horror movies too. I like to laugh at the ones that aren't scary... which is actually most of them, and I just enjoy the ones that qualify as kind of disturbing. I caught a mild case of Vincent Price fandom fever from my high school orchestra teacher.

And I LOVE food. Love it to death I do. I'll stuff down almost anything, but my especial favorites are sweet, sour and/or spicy stuff. In fact, of all the recipes I have now (yup, I'm a wannabe cook), 90% of 'em are dessert recipes. Dark chocolate and fruitcake, yay.^^ I'm not scared of calories or carbs, I got workout tapes and I'm not scared to use them.

When I have really gotten my awesome together, I will travel around the world, trying anything and everything. Pray I don't eat the wrong thing.

...Why do I still feel like I forgot something?
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