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Re: Santa Barbara - Bag Full o' Spoons

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I'm a huge nerd. I've been that way since I was about 5 and have tried and failed to suppress it and finally just gave up and watched a crapton of Stargate SG-1.

This asshole does NOT speak for nerds. Anybody who's taken in enough comics, games, anime or cult films knows that you do not take out your deadly rage on people who had nothing to do with your problems. Even the darker anti-hero types only go after 1. folks who actually affected their lives and 2. criminals (and being/not being attracted to somebody is not a crime). Those who do otherwise tend to be the villainous sort, and while some gals have crushes on fictional baddies, we don't take the real scumbags home to Mom. We spray, zap or cap them.

Plus, what nerd fixates that much on his luxury car and his overpriced clothes?

This wasn't about being a nerd, this was about being a lousy human being. It's okay to be mad when you have trouble, but it's absolutely not okay to be that racist, that misogynist, or to blame whoever happens to be around for your shortcomings.
The most noble thing he could have done would have been to just shoot himself if he felt he needed to, instead of dragging innocents into it.
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