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Bag Full o' Spoons

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Multiplication? Sep. 14th, 2014 @ 08:04 pm
I used to hold two copyrights. Now I hold four.

I just need to figure out how I can best use them to my advantage.
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WE LIKE IKE Jun. 5th, 2014 @ 12:03 am
For my birthday I have been receiving money, or which I approve anyway, but some of that money consists of a $2 bill, a Peace Dollar and never-before-seen-by-me Eisenhower swag.


There was also a trip to the aquarium, which had a new dinosaur installment. The dilophosaurs spit on me twice.
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It's-a me! Jun. 1st, 2014 @ 09:59 pm
I went for a walk around a lake. It was a nice lake. There were some houses, and turtles and dragonflies and flowers... and sprinklers. Sprinklers that rotated. In opposite directions.

It was like a Mario level, only with less death and more embarrassment.
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Re: Santa Barbara May. 29th, 2014 @ 11:57 am
I'm a huge nerd. I've been that way since I was about 5 and have tried and failed to suppress it and finally just gave up and watched a crapton of Stargate SG-1.

This asshole does NOT speak for nerds. Anybody who's taken in enough comics, games, anime or cult films knows that you do not take out your deadly rage on people who had nothing to do with your problems. Even the darker anti-hero types only go after 1. folks who actually affected their lives and 2. criminals (and being/not being attracted to somebody is not a crime). Those who do otherwise tend to be the villainous sort, and while some gals have crushes on fictional baddies, we don't take the real scumbags home to Mom. We spray, zap or cap them.

Plus, what nerd fixates that much on his luxury car and his overpriced clothes?

This wasn't about being a nerd, this was about being a lousy human being. It's okay to be mad when you have trouble, but it's absolutely not okay to be that racist, that misogynist, or to blame whoever happens to be around for your shortcomings.
The most noble thing he could have done would have been to just shoot himself if he felt he needed to, instead of dragging innocents into it.
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Contrasts, contrasts May. 12th, 2014 @ 02:09 am
Bad news:

The next person to mention 'radiance,' 'inner beauty' or 'character' will have their spinal column torn out and their soul offered up to the eldritch creature of their choice. Thanks for nothing, Dr. F.

Good news:

I now hold two copyrights. I just have to figure out a way to use them to obtain currency.
One way or another, I'm going to have a good life.
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Other entries
» KHAAAAAAAAAAAN -said the guy I met
Finally recounting my awesome time at Dragoncon... Among many others, I saw the helicopter guy from Mad Max, lots of Deadpools, lots of ponies, one really good Discord, one of the Skeksies from The Dark Crystal, Megaman X and Alia too, a guy who looked just like Spock, a trio of villains from He-Man, and a Robin with a Westboro Baptist Church-styled sign protesting Affleck!Batman.

On Saturday I cosplayed Jem and carried my black sneakers around in a shoebox so I could keep moving when the pink shoes hurt my feet (and they did). People were glad to see me and wanted photos, so I guess my experimenting with makeup and wig hairspray worked. (I had to remember not to rub my eyes though.)

I went to the Walk of Fame, where
-the Seventh Doctor signed his photo with "love"
-Bender told me to bite him
-Lando signed my copy of Shadows of the Empire (now I'm REALLY never getting rid of this book)
-Q asked me what I did (I told him I was a chemist) and when I asked why Sisko was the only captain to punch him, he responded "Because he's rude."
-Data winked at me and said he was glad he could amuse me

Of course I kept getting lost and felt bad because I couldn't donate blood to the drive they were having... but I did make it to the Dealers' Room, which was now a couple of blocks away. There were many impressive things for sale; I left with the last sheet of Doctor Who 50th anniversary stamps and two vials of perfume from the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, Verdandi for myself and Roses, Pearls and Diamonds for Mom.

I kept trying to get into one of the My Little Pony panels and kept failing because a ton of other people wanted to do the exact same thing and had gotten there first. Fortunately, down one of the hallways there was a currently-vacant room where more fans were gathering and we enjoyed an unofficial MLP:FIM panel. After a good time, foolish little brother called, wanting to leave... but before we did, one of my fellow bronies handed me his pass, saying he'd had enough and I was welcome to use it the next day.

So I did. I dressed like a 1980s version of Hungary (and had to adjust my footwear every two minutes) and went to get a ticket to return to a certain spot at 5:00 to meet CAPTAIN JAMES T. KIRK. While I killed time I enjoyed tacos and a delicious Yoda Soda. Then before I knew it, it was time to line up and wait for the man to appear. All I could do was grin stupidly and make goofy sounds, but I saw him! Just like Mom did when he came to the mall in her town and told everybody about the new sci-fi show!

Then I found out there were TWO levels in the Dealers' Room, so I went back and loaded up on DVDs and books and fanart.

My arms and legs were sore for three days afterwards. TOTALLY WORTH IT~
I just listened to an interview with the man who is about to retire from leading the Air Force... I forgot his name already, my weak point ^^;
Apparently his legacy will be those drones... they trained more people last year to control drones than they did to actually fly planes, and it was mentioned that at some point 85% of what we have in the sky will not be warm bodies in fighter jets.
I always had a soft spot for the Air Force because they got to fly. I don't know if they would've let me fly anyway because I've needed glasses/contacts since I was 6, but it still feels like a small part of me has died. Kind of like it did when NASA quit sending people to space.

looks like another item on the list of "Cool Stuff Tensai Cannot Do"

no I don't wanna use drones in Syria we are broke as it is so I want to see our remaining money and manpower stay here instead of being used to tell yet another sovereign nation what to do on its own property
Good news: this iPhone gets a signal in the airport.
Bad news: foolish little brother can't come to NC with us because he's just starting his newest job and can't get time off. I got my first irradiation. They called about five kids to go ahead of me and didn't do a thing to them. SCHEISSE
On Friday I got permission to leave work early and we drove to Gatlinburg, TN. After checking into our hotel we found a Wal-Mart and got a few things, and I obtained a sketchbook and a little wooden dummy so I could finally learn to draw the right way. Saturday we were supposed to visit Dollywood but wound up looking in lots and lots of stores. (Hey everybody, I finally started getting into Black Butler and then discovered there was no volume II!) Then we went to Wonderworks, which is, in foolish little brother's own words, like the SciTrek museum we used to have but better. Lots of fun/educational/interesting things inside such as

-a game that after asking 20 generic-sounding questions correctly guessed that I was thinking of a snowboard
-something that had to do with gravity and me peddling hard enough to go upside down
-a tiny but life-sized replica space capsule (now I remember why I don't want to be an astronaut, insert cruel joke about Storm here)
-an obstacle course full of ropes that went up 4 stories and made me really sore when I was done (they played awesome music from movies related to space)
-a bed of nails nobody wanted to lie on but me (it didn't hurt)
-a 'create your own roller coaster' simulator, for which foolish little brother selected nearly every possible move, then when we were strapped/closed in, turned to me and (jokingly) said "We're gonna die"
-an art gallery full of optical illusions

Well, I liked it.

Sunday we checked out and then went to the aquarium run by the people in charge of Ripley's Believe-it-or-Not. There was a huge pool beneath which ran a long tunnel with lazy sawfish sleeping on top and a crack in the acrylic from a shark attack earlier. O_O There were also penguins, stingrays and frozen key lime pie on a stick. I WAS CURIOUS.

Then we drove home.
Yesterday Dad took me, foolish little brother and Michael (and one of dad's pals who said she'd never gone) to Pirate Invasion Weekend at the Georgia Renaissance Festival. We tried our best to look like pirates. I had a pretty nice costume Mom gave me as a present a while ago, foolish little brother had a tuxedo shirt and brought both a toy cutlass (he borrowed it from me) and a randomly-added tacked-on looking Oriental-themed sword that didn't match the rest of his outfit.
I bought two knives (my first ever!), two fans, a nice parasol, a cool hat, 12 chances to throw tomatoes at a rude man (I missed), a picture for my broke brother, and more food than I was able to eat.
Later we saw the brand-spanking-new Avengers movie. We liked it, although I was prepared to choke the loud, ghetto, cell phone-addicts who were in there with us.
Me: Iron Man is awesome.
Foolish Little Brother: He's a dick.
Me: But he's a fun dick!
I'm not sure if I liked Iron Man (100% better with no irritating terrorists) or Captain America more. I must learn more about Black Widow. There are do many comics we're behind on.
Then we went to Wal-Mart because I wanted to eat something cold and fruit-flavored.

Oh, and I love this from Friday:
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